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October 2006
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Fire [userpic]
WTF Is "Chairness", Mr. Coke Addict?

So school yesterday was good. I had computer class and I arrived a little late. So I ended up getting the crappy computer and the keyboard wouldn't work so they found a different one to move me to. I didn't pay much attention in class because we were learning about minimizing and really easy stuff like that. I got out of class early so I sat in the cafeteria and ate. They have really good food. Then I went to english, which was fun. It's definitely my favorite class- the teacher's really nice and I like the majority of the people in my class. After that I hung out with my sister and went home.

Today was also nice. I was late of course for art class, but not all that late. We talked about the Greeks amongst other things. And "chairness". Don't ask, it was weird/confusing. He's a coke addict, my art teacher. That's what my sister told me. O.O Then I went to English where I made a brand new friend named Amanda. She was really nice and seems super cool. She invited me to lunch with her one day. Hmm after that I ate, started writing a story, met my sister, and left to go to her house. I went back for my night algebra class. Three and a half hours of algebra was tiring. The teacher had a boring voice. The majority of my class is old. Everyone in there is older than me, and one of my friend's moms is taking the class. Though I made a friend in there, the girl who I sat beside of. Her name was Abbey and we were helping each other out.

I'm sick of the rain. I'm tired. I get to sleep in until 11 tomorrow and I'm glad for the weekend. I'm super super tired. *Yawns* Now I have to join some community so I'll be writing sometime soon. Pizza's on it's way, hooray!

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