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October 2006
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Fire [userpic]
College Rocks!

My first day of college was yesterday. I had PC Applications. The class seems easy enough so far- the majority of my class is older but there are a couple people I might end up talking to in there. The teacher is really nice as well. I pretty much spent the rest of yesterday with my sister.

Today was even better. In Art Appreciation I found out I have with Amy. Also some of my friends have a class in the same room afterwards, so I got to see Jessica and Patrick. The Art teacher was a hilarious hippie, and he seems really cool. Though he talks A LOT. Um, English Comp was great. I have it with Tyler Cole, and I also made a friend in there. He sits beside me but I don't remember his name right now. The teacher for comp is also really really nice. I have a bit of a crush on her though, already. I have a feeling that class is gonna be really great, hahaha.

I spent some time in the cafeteria sitting with my new friend, since Tuesdays mean I get out of class at 12:50 and my sister doesn't get out until 1:50 or so, I'll have a lot of free time. Also Friday I won't have to get up until 11 because I only have one class then. This is gonna work out really well I must say. Thursday night Algebra class is going to be a pain, since no one really likes 3 hours of algebra, but I'll deal with it. I've been drawing lately, drew the other characters for the d20 modern campaign. I also attempted to write today and was fairly successful. Glad to be getting around to doing that again. Though I've missed my friends the past two days. I can't wait until the weekend to see them all again. (I miss Caci, too!)

Project Runway tomorrow. See you then.

mood: happyhappy
entertained by: London Bridge - Fergie