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October 2006
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Fire [userpic]
Much-needed Update

So. It's been awhile since I last wrote. Current obsessions? Project Runway. Rent. Buffy(reading it). Degrassi. South of Nowhere. Top Model. Not really any different than usual. Sorry I haven't posted any comments about PR lately.

Class has been great all week and my Comp paper is coming along nicely. This weekend's busy. Tonight's the homecoming game. It'll be nice to hang out with Mikey out in the open and everything. Saturday's the homecoming which I'm very excited about. :] Then Sunday the couples are all going to the park. Borrowing Ashley's digital camera this weekend so I'm getting lots of pictures. (Also took some new ones of myself that turned out pretty good)

I can't get RENT out of my head. Been watching/listening to it like crazy. Right now the song in the cemetary is stuck in my head..."I can't believe he's gone. I can't believe you're going. I can't believe this family must die."
Yeah I'm obsessed, all OVER again.

mood: ecstaticecstatic
entertained by: Halloween - Rent