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Yesterday....Lindsay, Michi, and Ashley all went to Joseph's house. We had a Strawberry Panic! marathon leading us all to cute overload, but now I'm addicted and need to see every single episode. I'll post pictures one day...Amane is to DIE for<333 After being stupid for awhile we went to the park. Joseph and Lindsay had a few milestones, not going into details but they did have their first kiss. Michi, Ashley, and I got freaked out and started hallucinating so we ended up leaving.

Today we went to the park again (this is Howe's grove by the way) minus Lindsay and played board games. Joseph & I won at Compatibility, because we rock like that. He was my cuddle buddy tonight like always when Lindsay's not there (he gets lonely, lmao) and Kristian Shingleton stood there for a few minutes and she's adorable just so you know ^_^ Another milestone almost happened tonight but sadly, it didn't. Anyway I'm so glad I've been spending time with my friends lately, they are so much fun and I'm not used to laughing this much. Though I might have a few bruises due to almost falling off of the swing when Joseph gave me what he calls a "shoe wedgie" and from the massive amount of tickling I endured.

I need to go to Speedway. I'm craving their tea. It's wonderful and I'm addicted. The end.

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So the game..it was really fun (even though we lost REALLY bad). I sat with Joseph the majority of the time. He and I said *squee!* a lot. I was embarrassed twice when Joseph informed people I was a lesbian. First time was in front of the Williamstown band with several cute girls in it. Second time was screaming down at the girl we both know who forgot who I was and accidently called me Lindsay. Joseph and I attempted to clear up the rumors that we're dating by telling Ashley Bailey that he's dating Lindsay. Hopefully she'll spread it around and people will stop thinking this. Like Corey Roberts who saw the wrong thing at the wrong time. Ugh, lmao. We're close friends that's all. HELLO, GAY! I had two pixie sticks. I made a new friend, I forget her name so let's call her girl in pink. She was really young, straight, plus had a boyfriend. But she was cute. Besides I have Caci!

She and I have been talking on the phone a lot lately since she can't use the internet. She's called me cute and today she said "I love you" even though it was in a different context it was still wonderfully adorable.

Also Joseph and the gang is starting a new d20 modern campaign based on the shojo yuri anime/manga Strawberry Panic! The characters are all lesbians and attend all girl's schools. So for fun I'm attaching the character sheet, though you guys probably aren't really interested in it. I'll also post my drawing at a later date. Oh and I took out a couple things that can't be filled out yet..

Name: Adema Otori<---going to change the last name
Year: Fifth Year
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 145lbs
Hair Color: Dark blue, almost black
Hair Style: Short and spikey
Eye Color: Brown
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Age: 17
Race: Asian

Typical Attire: Plain T-shirts+basketball shorts, men's suits when out in public
Last School Attended: ---
How Did You Hear About Strawberry: Cousin attends St. Spica's, and other family members in the past have attended
Notable Features: A frown (unless talking to a beautiful girl)
Years at Strawberry Girl’s School: 4
Current / Desired School of Residence: St. Spica's Girl's Institute
Habit(s): Tapping my foot, not paying attention to anyone else (aside from potential love interests), gazing into mirrors as I pass
Blood Type: AB
Birth Date: December 29th
Heritage: Japanese, Russian
Religion/Creed: Athiest, don't really think about it much
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Preferred Hand: Right
Talents: Anything athletic
Social Label: Jock/Loner
Club(s): Horseriding, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Soccer

Rank Your Traits (Use each number ONCE) (6 is highest)
Strength 6
Dexterity 4
Constitution 3
Intelligence 1
Wisdom 2
Charisma 5

What is/are your favorite
Food(s): Cereal, granola bars, rice, anything with carbs
Culinary Style(s): Italian
Beverage(s): Gatorade, Sobe, energy drinks in general
Hobby(ies): Playing sports, girl watching, writing rather cheesy poetry for love interests
Musical Style(s): Anything Alternative, it's all about the lyrics Color(s): Black, Blue, Red
Clothing Style(s): Sports attire when playing, otherwise respectable clothing all of the male variety
Sport(s): All of them
Ice Cream Flavor(s): Strawberry
Dance Style(s): Slow dancing, the tango, anything romantic
Saying(s): "Get out of my way", "Pass it to me", and also "You have beautiful eyes"
Animal(s): Horses
Climate(s): Warm weather

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Kaynebow- Didn't like his dress in the beginning. Gold is not a color I'm fond of. I like it otherwise, except the corset material isn't my thing either. Of course I commend him for making a corset because I love those...the back looked nice. Though the front made it look like she had no boobs. I loved the bottom and the skirt flowed beautifully. So I changed my mind, I really ended up liking it quite a bit.

Jeffery- He annoyed me in this episode. His laugh was aggravating. I just ugh, really hate him. He's an asshole. I love yellow. I love plaid. It sort of looked like a picnic blanket draped around her body. I usually like his designs and I sort of like this, but even so, I didn't think it fit the design challenge. I liked the top, but the bottom flowed so weird and it would have looked way better if it was just short instead of being so long. Then maybe it wouldn't resemble a parachute.

Laura- She's so pregnant, wow. I wasn't sure about the dress. The collar was seriously kind of crazy. Okay a lot crazy. I didn't like it much, sadly. And it looked way better on the Paris model than the American one. She might as well have used fur again because that's the same style. I love the black and white, I have to say. Though I'm starting to totally love Laura.

Michael- I loved the color. Other than that, it pretty much looked like some weird drapes, and I just didn't enjoy much beyond the color. I felt really bad for him though, they threw eggs at him!!!! Looked way better after the tucking in though.

Uli- The color was gorgeous. The dress was gorgeous. I loved the braiding. All of it was incredible. Definitely my favorite and I'm glad Uli steered away from the patterns. Such a brilliant dress. Very detailed and lovely. Amazing, seriously I have nothing else to say that's how great it was.

Vincent- He was just starting to get me to like him. Then he turns around and says that "turns me on" comment. Way to go. The dress(the bottom) reminded me of something out of an old person's home. It looked like a pattern for a rug or something. And the GLUE. Ugh. Also the dress was pretty much boring. And WHATS WITH ALL THE GOLD?

Malan would have dominated this challenge. If he had been here, he would have won. But since he wasn't, I liked Uli's dress the best. I don't care that Jeff won because he didn't deserve it in my eyes. The dress was retarded in my opinion. Uli should have won. I'm somewhat sad Vincey's gone. He was crazy. He was cute. And I'm gonna miss his offhand freaky comments. "It just got me off, I loved it."

In other related news, Six Feet Under is coming to Bravo. I'm so glad! I missed a lot of episodes and I love...no...ADORE..that show. Claire<3

Today was great. Visited my friends at lunch...Ashley's crush actually likes her back so they're probably going to get together soon. I went to orientation. That was pointless, actually. But I got my ID (its not as bad as it could have been) and my books, as well as a free t-shirt. Hung out with my sister, watched South Park and Aqua Teen. I saw an old friend at Walmart, Samantha Ferguson. She transferred schools freshman year and it was awesome to see her. I also got to have brownies today....YAY.

Tomorrow is the art club meeting. Ashley's letting me borrow some of her manga, and Joseph's giving me one of his senior pictures. Hoooooray. It's gonna be awesome, oh yeah. And Friday is Environmental club, oh and plus the Degrassi go-therest moments are gonna be starting.

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So Sunday night my friends decided to come over. Joseph taught me how to play Magic: The Gathering and then Ashley came...we watched Final Destination 3, which was pretty sweet. After that we watched Gravitation and I actually liked it. Joseph let me borrow his manga Chibi Vampire.

Yesterday Ashley, Michi, and I went to Joseph's. We spent all day wrestling around on his bed, cuddling, chaining people together, and entertaining about 31 people at a time on his webcam. Yeah, what can I say, we're really strange. I must say we all became much closer friends after that. Joseph and Ashley are becoming my best friends ^_^ They're so fun.

Can't wait for Project Runway tomorrow, I'll rant about the episode on here later. Also tomorrow is college orientation. I start school Monday...and Degrassi+South of Nowhere return this month! I can't wait. In sadder news, Caci's not allowed to use the internet. Long sad story but her parents made her delete her aim account as well as her myspace. It really sucks, she called me crying and I'm just incredibly mad at her father for doing this.

M'kay well that's about it.

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Yesterday I had a whole lot of fun. Joseph picked me up, and we drove into Parkersburg. We picked up Lindsay and went to the mall. After walking around the needed stores (FYE, Spencer's, Walden's, EB Games) we went into DEBS. We spent a little while making Lindsay try on dresses and we took pictures. We were trying to help her find a homecoming dress. Anyway she hated that, she thought it was torturous. We went into Claire's to show her the Green Day wall since she loves them, and then Ashley & I dragged her to Victoria's secret to get measured, lol. While that was happening Joseph was in claire's buying her a necklace that she had liked when we were in there.

So then we went to the food court, where we got some food and Joseph sat down beside Lindsay, and he fumbled around in his pocket for the necklace. He accidently pulled out the keys, leaving Lindsay confused. Finally he fished the necklace out. He showed it to her, she was ecstatic, and he opened the little clasp thing. The dog tag on the necklace fell onto the floor and Joseph spent the next minute putting it back on. After another few minutes of attempting to get the necklace on and a few rounds of pictures, we were finally done. We left the mall and went to Gateway comics. That place never ceases to amaze me.

From there we went to Joseph's house. I got on the computer and talked to a few people, then decided to show my friends why I love RENT so much. They kinda sat there puzzled through La Vie Boheme, Today 4 U, and Take Me Or Leave Me. But it was funny. So then we left for the bowling alley. After waiting in the cold for over 20 minutes everyone arrived (except for one last group of people) So everyone that came was: Mandy, Sean, Suzanne, Nate, Michi, Mike, Nikki, Dan(I think that's his name), Lindsay, Joseph, Ashley, and Dylan. I ended up drinking a Sobe and watching all the couples be cute together. Joseph took Lindsay home and it took a really long time. Ashley and I began to ponder what happened....he got back and suddenly the DJ for laser bowling decided to play lots of techno so he and I bobbed our heads and danced for awhile. Ashley ended up taking a picture "for black-mailing purposes". Like I'm embarrassed of how much fun I was having?

So then I went home. The end. We're all gonna hang out again on Monday since it's Labor Day & they're off school.

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The football game tonight was fun! I hate football, I didn't go to watch it...but it was freezing outside. I walked around with Katie and Branna for a bit after laughing at Branna's cousin who was kicking everyone. Then I saw Elisa and said hi to her and then went on the bleachers with SaraEmily. We hung out with the band for the rest of the night. It was awesome getting to see Joseph, Scottie, Jessica, and everyone all at the same time. I missed Jessica like crazy dude. Um and at one point Sara had to pee so we walked to my house. Lol. DISCO IS NOT DEAD. That was freaking awesome, yeah.

So I found out two things...Joseph & Lindsay have a date for next weekend (Mr. Poe allowed it) and tomorrow I get reunited with the gang! I guess we're all hanging out at Sean's house tomorrow. Joseph, Mandy, Nate, Ashley, Michi, + the girlfriends/boyfriends will be there. I'm excited. If I get the chance to talk to Caci I might try and talk her into going and then try to get Joseph to agree to pick her up. That'd be super awesome. But I dunno. Yeah. That's about it.

I need new icons.

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Last night I didn't get to watch Project Runway until the second showing, because I was busy on the phone with Caci. But PR's episode proved to be a really good one. MY ICON FINALLY CAME TRUEEEEEEEE! <3

Laura: Starting to like her a lot more now. Her dress was gorgeous..it would have been better if it had been another color. Also Laura dear, your hair looks great when it's down! Get rid of that ponytail! She looks so great for her age, and for being pregnant.

Uli: You know I love her. Her accent is adorable and she has impeccable taste for mixing patterns. Uli's dress was also beautiful, in that Uli sort of way. I love her to death but she's gonna get kicked if she keeps sending the same kind of stuff down the runway!!

Jeffery: Well I hated him during the first episode, started to like him again, and now think he's a total ass (at least he speaks his mind though right?) but his outfit was HOT. I wanted the entire thing- the jacket was the best part.

Michael: His outfit was pretty sweet, I'm not much for white though, would have loved to have those bondage-esque pants in black, it would look great with Jeffery's upper part of his outfit. I do love Michael quite a bit...

Kayne: Kaynebow, darling. I loved the Elvis showyness of your shirt. I thought it was absolutely adorable (i heart Elvis) but of course the judges disagreed. It made me sad to see the look on your face when you were called out on it. Oh and honey, keep on your shirt. You're much cuter that way.

Vincent: Well I loved his outfit, though it WAS a little boring. He looked very handsome and I loved his hair that way. It seems he's less insane, and now I'm starting to love my Vincent to death -huggles-

Angela: FINALLY. I thought she was starting to redeem herself until this episode. WTF Angela!!!!! It was ugly, and traveled terribly. STEP AWAYYYY FROM THE ROSETTES! Though her green glasses grew on me, I'm glad to see her go. I'm sure the reunion show is gonna be great though!!


I visited the high school today for an art club meeting. I won't be able to go to them once college starts, but it's cool to still be a part of the projects and such. Madeleine's the president I guess, and we have a whopping 2 other members besides me. Eden and Traci. We're hoping to get a lot more though. When I was walking out the door, I was looking at a very cute freshman and I accidently ran into someone. I was too preoccupied :( I'm not used to being in large groups of people right now, lol. I went to eat at lunch-n-more and flirted with Brittany (don't you say anything) for fun.

I'm in such a great mood. Caci and I are really great. I love talking to her on the phone, even if all she talked about was ice cream. She works at coldstone creamery and kept telling me about everything, since she has to memorize it all anyway. She's super cute and that's enough for me. Also she's writing me a letter - she says its really long and I'm glad, I can't wait to check the mail and get her letter, it'll make me so happy.

Alright so I'm done with this entry. I need to try really really hard to finish a story, at least one that I've been working on.

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Last night I had a really vivid dream about my first love...she came back to belpre (because she moved away awhile back) and somehow we ended up back together. It was incredibly realistic, and usually when I toss and turn in the mornings the dream ends but it just kept going.

I wonder what spawned this dream..I'm not really sure but it bothers me that now I can't get her off of my mind. It just sucks that I have no idea where she is. She could be anywhere in the world. I wonder if she remembers me...thinks of me...I don't know. I do know I'll never forget her no matter how much I want to, and I'm not sure I'll ever get over her. It's been over 4 years and I still can't, so maybe it'll never happen.

I hate writing entries like this, they're really personal, but I just wanted to get my feelings out somehow....

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I wanted to say hello to anyone I added from the chat last night. I had a lot of fun with you guys.

In other news, I start school the 11th of next month. I'm actually pretty glad because the summer has been uneventful and boring. At least then I'll have something else to do. My writing has been suffering the past few days, I'm not really sure why. I have a lot of things I need to get finished and somehow I can't get inspired enough to finish any of it.

I've been spending most of my time reading lately. That and watching movies. I watched a really incredible one the other night, called My Summer of Love. Then I watched a piece of total crap, The Hillz. You can tell by the title that it's completely pointless.

Last night I watched Y Tu Mama Tambien, that was...interesting. I love subtitles, though when I watch a foreign movie I can't help but get the urge to turn the volume up because I feel like I can't hear it or something even though I can, I just don't understand the language.

Alright, well this entry will suffice for now.

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Sometimes I wonder why parents can't accept their children for who they are. Not only are parents providing this fear of being yourself, but so is everyone else. It's unfair that people have to hide a part of themselves just because others don't believe it's "normal" or "right". But what IS normal? What IS right?

Parents should want their children to be happy. Not to have to run away from a chance at a beautiful relationship just because they're afraid their parents might find out. A chance at happiness becomes a heavy burden, a decision they don't want to make. Just because our parents don't want to accept us doesn't mean we don't have the right to be together. It upsets me that she is terrified and unsure, all because of stupid expectations. I can't do anything to ease her fear, and it drives me crazy.

One day I hope this world is more accepting. Not just to those who love differently but to all people who are different. As long as they aren't hurting anyone else, then they have the right to be respected and loved for who they are.

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