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October 2006
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Fire [userpic]
PR Episode 10

First off....THIS EPISODE WAS CRAZY! BRINGING BACK ANGELA?! And Vincent, which doesn't bother me that much, since I started to like him. But damn, Angela? Black and white rocks, by the way.

Uli- WTF? I didn't like hers....at all. Uli, noooo! I really hate it completely. The print was pretty until I saw the dress she made out of it. I hate it. HATE it. The necklace looks like a lei or something. I just think...it looks a lot like her other dresses as always. I really don't know what to say because I do love Uli.

Angela- Ugh her outfit bothered me. Her bubble skirt and B is for Biatch shirt? That collar was stupid. The white looked like toilet paper or something and I just hated this dress. Very costumey obviously. And the purse? She stuffed it just to get rid of the fabric.

Michael- Eh, I'm okay with him. Some of his designs are really nice. His was good because it was different, but also not that detailed or interesting. I dunno, it was okay but not my thing. I'm glad he used white though because everyone else used black, and it was pretty and everything.

Kayne- Was so worried for him. He didn't have any white! His outfit was boring! Blah. I liked the back but it looked really stupid in white. I feel bad since I love him but I just didn't like it.

Vincent- Somewhat glad he returned. I was just beginning to like him and then they took him away. His dress was okay. I liked the scarf/cape thing actually, but the rest of it was boring.

Jeff- Still don't really like him much. But his dress was my favorite. It was hot, and if I had that body I'd wear it. Damn his designing skills. I'd wear pretty much anything he'd design yet wouldn't want to speak to him because he's an ass. But the model looked HOT! I know it didn't look expensive and such, but it's so fucking amazing. I know it's so Jeffery, it's his style and I guess I'm prejudice because that's my style. -shrug-

Laura- I love her. The dress was very cool. I liked the design but it might have been a bit too short. The purse was cute. Probably my favorite besides Jeff's. I think it's way different from things she's done before. Definitely adorable.

YAY LAURA!!!!!!!!! She deserved to win definitely! I want to hug her and she's wonderful. She's so gorgeous for someone her age and for having so many children. I'm glad Angela's leaving again. Muahahaha. I hated her so it's all good. Still a bit sad about Vincent leaving again, aww. What was he talking about, beautiful music? Wow he's crazy and I love him. Uli's in! Hooray! But Kayne! Kayne is gone. WTF am I gonna do with all these icons?! Damn it. Daaaaaaaamn it to hell. I wanted to cry but I held it all in.

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