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October 2006
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Fire [userpic]
All ideas for a title have escaped me

Really don't feel like writing in this thing. The situation is complicated, and I hate explaining it over and over again. Suffice it to say Mikey and I weren't right for each other. At all. I personally don't think I'm ready for a serious relationship right now. I realized I still have quite a bit of growing up to do. Eh, otherwise things in my life are going pretty well.

My friends are great...been spending so much time with Joseph and Ashley- we're three of a kind, truly. We can now officially finish each other's sentences, since we think the same things at the same times. My writing's pretty good too, still steadily updating my stories. Think I'm inspired enough to start a new song. Not thinking in coherent, full sentences right now though.

Homecoming was pretty fun, had a nice weekend although busy. Painted the ticket booth with Art Club Sunday. I'm exhausted. I'm hoping this weekend I'll finally get some sleep. I have two tests this week...PC Apps and Art Appreciation. Should be fun. Heh.
Still going to see Grudge 2 friday...There's a band thing at lunch-n-more on Saturday but I'm not certain I'm going. The weekend after next is cedar point.

Well that's it....

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I'm sorry to hear about, the thing with Mikey. I'm glad that things are still going well for you though.