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October 2006
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Fire [userpic]
Pink Eyeshadow, Flashing Lights, And Shameless Self-Promotion

On Saturday, Joseph and I ate lunch together at McDonalds. I helped him run some errands and then he came to my house. We watched some television, filled out my character sheet, and just talked. Yesterday we all met at the park and it ended up Nikki, Mike, Michi, Ashley, and I went to Huntington. I got some new hot pink eyeshadow at Hot Topic and was very amazed at Borders. I'm so glad we're getting one. When I got home there was a message that Caci called so I called her back and we talked for awhile..I felt bad because I woke her up.

This morning my sister picked me up for school. She was driving and we ended up getting pulled over for going 70 in a 55. She got a ticket and because of the cop I was a little late. That was a scary experience. Computer class was fun, we got to use paint, haha. I talked to the girl I've wanted to talk to since the first day, Ashlee. She seems really cool. Printed out my homework and left. Sara and I ate at Subway for lunch. And that's pretty much the past few days.

Can't wait until the 29th. Degrassi and South Of Nowhere premieres! Right now I'm more excited about SON because I don't know if Paige or Alex are going to be in the new Degrassi ep. Though I'm glad I'm gonna be able to start making fun of all the characters again once that starts up. I also have an idea for a parody where I make fun of specific moments, like all 40 of the "go-therest" moments. Also I started one of the stories I've been meaning to start. Going to do some major editing first but I'll get it up sometime. If you ever want to read any of my fanfiction, go to www.fanfiction.net/~whisperedrainbow

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