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Sorry to inform all of you of this, but I think I'm at least taking a lengthy break from LJ. I'll be blogging at myspace so you can catch me on there. Might be back on here in the future but there are no guarantees. Its just been hard to keep up with.

Peace and love,

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Really don't feel like writing in this thing. The situation is complicated, and I hate explaining it over and over again. Suffice it to say Mikey and I weren't right for each other. At all. I personally don't think I'm ready for a serious relationship right now. I realized I still have quite a bit of growing up to do. Eh, otherwise things in my life are going pretty well.

My friends are great...been spending so much time with Joseph and Ashley- we're three of a kind, truly. We can now officially finish each other's sentences, since we think the same things at the same times. My writing's pretty good too, still steadily updating my stories. Think I'm inspired enough to start a new song. Not thinking in coherent, full sentences right now though.

Homecoming was pretty fun, had a nice weekend although busy. Painted the ticket booth with Art Club Sunday. I'm exhausted. I'm hoping this weekend I'll finally get some sleep. I have two tests this week...PC Apps and Art Appreciation. Should be fun. Heh.
Still going to see Grudge 2 friday...There's a band thing at lunch-n-more on Saturday but I'm not certain I'm going. The weekend after next is cedar point.

Well that's it....

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So. It's been awhile since I last wrote. Current obsessions? Project Runway. Rent. Buffy(reading it). Degrassi. South of Nowhere. Top Model. Not really any different than usual. Sorry I haven't posted any comments about PR lately.

Class has been great all week and my Comp paper is coming along nicely. This weekend's busy. Tonight's the homecoming game. It'll be nice to hang out with Mikey out in the open and everything. Saturday's the homecoming which I'm very excited about. :] Then Sunday the couples are all going to the park. Borrowing Ashley's digital camera this weekend so I'm getting lots of pictures. (Also took some new ones of myself that turned out pretty good)

I can't get RENT out of my head. Been watching/listening to it like crazy. Right now the song in the cemetary is stuck in my head..."I can't believe he's gone. I can't believe you're going. I can't believe this family must die."
Yeah I'm obsessed, all OVER again.

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So, how am I gonna explain any of this....well, things with Caci and I didn't work out. We're gonna be just friends from now on. She has a boyfriend now. At the 80s dance I ended up dancing with this girl, Michaela [I call her Mikey] and the night went great. She asked me to homecoming, I said yes, and she's coming over Friday. I think she's planning on asking me to be her girlfriend. I'm going to say yes to that too. Things are so great!

School is going fine. Turned in my first essay on Tuesday and took my first test. I ended up getting an 86 which isn't bad. I think my computer teacher hates me. This girl in my class told me she doesn't give credit to people that are late for class, and I'm late everyday because of my sister. I hope it's not true....I'm so excited about my next essay. It's a comparison/contrast essay and I'm comparing RENT to Phantom of The Opera. We had to compare two movies in the same genre/in a series/remakes/ect. This girl in my class, Harley, is comparing Rent the movie to the musical. I'm jealous, she got to see it on Broadway. She seems really cool. I've still been talking to Amanda, too. She's a nice girl. Also Lori the horror movie freak. Lmao.

My friends are amazing, I've been hanging out with them constantly lately. The sleepover was so great, Joseph gave me his power rangers action figures. :] Mikey's been eating lunch with the gang too which is sweet. We all have so much in common and Joseph, Ashley and I are now officially on the same wavelength. Oh and now the three of us can go on dates together if we wanted to. Triple dates? Woah.

Project Runway tonight, I'll try to do one of my commentaries. Also Top Model, I'm excited for that. Been watching Heroes and The Class, my two favorite new shows. I also love the cartoon Mr. Meaty's. Degrassi and SON premiere Friday which is why Mikey's spending the night. I figure we'll watch RENT and stay up all night talking....

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First off I went to the football game Friday night. We ended up beating Eastern really badly. I got to hang out with Joseph, Brad, and Elisa. That was fun to say the least. I found out Elisa really likes RENT so we were listening to it...Um, yeah. So the game was great.
Last night was the 80s dance. There were maybe 25 people there at the most but it was a whole lot of fun & I think everyone there enjoyed themselves. I danced with Elisa and Michaela and yeah. I think last night was great.

Right now I'm delusional. Got about an hour of sleep. K that's about it.

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This week of school has been okay. We've been talking about interesting things in art...and some not so interesting things in PC Apps. I've managed to eat in the cafeteria quite a bit. We started our english essay last week and I finished it yesterday. I think it's probably a B paper. Last night was my algebra class and it was pretty much unbearable. My stomach was hurting really bad. The math was really easy though...I got home and still was feeling terrible so I took some Pepto Bismol and it didn't really kick in for a long time. Curled up on the couch and fell asleep to the soothing sounds of Roseanne. I don't know why it is but that show helps me sleep.

Apparently last night everyone tried to call me. There was a message on the machine from Ariel and Joseph called to say he needed to tell me something. I think I'll go over to the school and talk to him to see what's up since class was canceled for today. I'm a little pissed I woke up this early still.

Wednesday was America's Next Top Model. I already have my favorites: Megan- the lesbian who was in a plan crash, AJ- the rocker chick with no self esteem, and Michelle- one half of the set of twins. This season should be interesting.

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On Saturday, Joseph and I ate lunch together at McDonalds. I helped him run some errands and then he came to my house. We watched some television, filled out my character sheet, and just talked. Yesterday we all met at the park and it ended up Nikki, Mike, Michi, Ashley, and I went to Huntington. I got some new hot pink eyeshadow at Hot Topic and was very amazed at Borders. I'm so glad we're getting one. When I got home there was a message that Caci called so I called her back and we talked for awhile..I felt bad because I woke her up.

This morning my sister picked me up for school. She was driving and we ended up getting pulled over for going 70 in a 55. She got a ticket and because of the cop I was a little late. That was a scary experience. Computer class was fun, we got to use paint, haha. I talked to the girl I've wanted to talk to since the first day, Ashlee. She seems really cool. Printed out my homework and left. Sara and I ate at Subway for lunch. And that's pretty much the past few days.

Can't wait until the 29th. Degrassi and South Of Nowhere premieres! Right now I'm more excited about SON because I don't know if Paige or Alex are going to be in the new Degrassi ep. Though I'm glad I'm gonna be able to start making fun of all the characters again once that starts up. I also have an idea for a parody where I make fun of specific moments, like all 40 of the "go-therest" moments. Also I started one of the stories I've been meaning to start. Going to do some major editing first but I'll get it up sometime. If you ever want to read any of my fanfiction, go to www.fanfiction.net/~whisperedrainbow

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So school yesterday was good. I had computer class and I arrived a little late. So I ended up getting the crappy computer and the keyboard wouldn't work so they found a different one to move me to. I didn't pay much attention in class because we were learning about minimizing and really easy stuff like that. I got out of class early so I sat in the cafeteria and ate. They have really good food. Then I went to english, which was fun. It's definitely my favorite class- the teacher's really nice and I like the majority of the people in my class. After that I hung out with my sister and went home.

Today was also nice. I was late of course for art class, but not all that late. We talked about the Greeks amongst other things. And "chairness". Don't ask, it was weird/confusing. He's a coke addict, my art teacher. That's what my sister told me. O.O Then I went to English where I made a brand new friend named Amanda. She was really nice and seems super cool. She invited me to lunch with her one day. Hmm after that I ate, started writing a story, met my sister, and left to go to her house. I went back for my night algebra class. Three and a half hours of algebra was tiring. The teacher had a boring voice. The majority of my class is old. Everyone in there is older than me, and one of my friend's moms is taking the class. Though I made a friend in there, the girl who I sat beside of. Her name was Abbey and we were helping each other out.

I'm sick of the rain. I'm tired. I get to sleep in until 11 tomorrow and I'm glad for the weekend. I'm super super tired. *Yawns* Now I have to join some community so I'll be writing sometime soon. Pizza's on it's way, hooray!

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First off....THIS EPISODE WAS CRAZY! BRINGING BACK ANGELA?! And Vincent, which doesn't bother me that much, since I started to like him. But damn, Angela? Black and white rocks, by the way.

Uli- WTF? I didn't like hers....at all. Uli, noooo! I really hate it completely. The print was pretty until I saw the dress she made out of it. I hate it. HATE it. The necklace looks like a lei or something. I just think...it looks a lot like her other dresses as always. I really don't know what to say because I do love Uli.

Angela- Ugh her outfit bothered me. Her bubble skirt and B is for Biatch shirt? That collar was stupid. The white looked like toilet paper or something and I just hated this dress. Very costumey obviously. And the purse? She stuffed it just to get rid of the fabric.

Michael- Eh, I'm okay with him. Some of his designs are really nice. His was good because it was different, but also not that detailed or interesting. I dunno, it was okay but not my thing. I'm glad he used white though because everyone else used black, and it was pretty and everything.

Kayne- Was so worried for him. He didn't have any white! His outfit was boring! Blah. I liked the back but it looked really stupid in white. I feel bad since I love him but I just didn't like it.

Vincent- Somewhat glad he returned. I was just beginning to like him and then they took him away. His dress was okay. I liked the scarf/cape thing actually, but the rest of it was boring.

Jeff- Still don't really like him much. But his dress was my favorite. It was hot, and if I had that body I'd wear it. Damn his designing skills. I'd wear pretty much anything he'd design yet wouldn't want to speak to him because he's an ass. But the model looked HOT! I know it didn't look expensive and such, but it's so fucking amazing. I know it's so Jeffery, it's his style and I guess I'm prejudice because that's my style. -shrug-

Laura- I love her. The dress was very cool. I liked the design but it might have been a bit too short. The purse was cute. Probably my favorite besides Jeff's. I think it's way different from things she's done before. Definitely adorable.

YAY LAURA!!!!!!!!! She deserved to win definitely! I want to hug her and she's wonderful. She's so gorgeous for someone her age and for having so many children. I'm glad Angela's leaving again. Muahahaha. I hated her so it's all good. Still a bit sad about Vincent leaving again, aww. What was he talking about, beautiful music? Wow he's crazy and I love him. Uli's in! Hooray! But Kayne! Kayne is gone. WTF am I gonna do with all these icons?! Damn it. Daaaaaaaamn it to hell. I wanted to cry but I held it all in.

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My first day of college was yesterday. I had PC Applications. The class seems easy enough so far- the majority of my class is older but there are a couple people I might end up talking to in there. The teacher is really nice as well. I pretty much spent the rest of yesterday with my sister.

Today was even better. In Art Appreciation I found out I have with Amy. Also some of my friends have a class in the same room afterwards, so I got to see Jessica and Patrick. The Art teacher was a hilarious hippie, and he seems really cool. Though he talks A LOT. Um, English Comp was great. I have it with Tyler Cole, and I also made a friend in there. He sits beside me but I don't remember his name right now. The teacher for comp is also really really nice. I have a bit of a crush on her though, already. I have a feeling that class is gonna be really great, hahaha.

I spent some time in the cafeteria sitting with my new friend, since Tuesdays mean I get out of class at 12:50 and my sister doesn't get out until 1:50 or so, I'll have a lot of free time. Also Friday I won't have to get up until 11 because I only have one class then. This is gonna work out really well I must say. Thursday night Algebra class is going to be a pain, since no one really likes 3 hours of algebra, but I'll deal with it. I've been drawing lately, drew the other characters for the d20 modern campaign. I also attempted to write today and was fairly successful. Glad to be getting around to doing that again. Though I've missed my friends the past two days. I can't wait until the weekend to see them all again. (I miss Caci, too!)

Project Runway tomorrow. See you then.

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